May 31 2012

Event Requests

patrolWould you like to have Thylacine Squad enforcing the Emperor’s will at your next event?
Send an email with details of what you are planning to our Squad Leader:

Dec 31 2014

Queen Victoria Museum Troop 2014

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Dec 31 2014

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Jun 16 2014

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Apr 15 2014

All in a days work.


Apr 15 2014

Trooping Kidflix – April 2014


Mar 28 2014

A new year has begun.

March is coming to an end and autumn is upon us here in Tasmania.

Our squad has had a re-election of our current Squad leader Isabella (Izzy), we look forward to trooping in our community and helping raise awareness for many worth while causes.

Our page will be updated shortly to include some great photos of our squad in action and give a little bit of a background to who we are and what makes us put on these costumes.



May 30 2013

And now a brief few words from the SL . .

Whew! It’s been a couple of months since I last rambled on here. We have been out and about most recently in the Devonport region helping to raise funds for charity. June looks to be a busy month for us. So far we have 4 events happening, with a 5th very likely to be added to the list soon.

In addition to public appearances, behind-the-scenes projects have been taking place as well. Some of these will appear on the website in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Feb 22 2013

HeartKids Car & Bike Show 2013

We are gearing up to take part once more in the excitement of the HeartKids Car & Bike show. HeartKids support families of children who suffer from heart disease and contribute to research that focuses upon reducing heart disease in children. A couple of us went out to the site to pose for photos that were used in the Examiner newspaper to promote the event. We will be up to our usual mischief on the day, so feel free to stop at our tent and say hi.heartkidspromo

Dec 06 2012

Watch out for those trees, TB-33042

How slack am I? TSCCP distracted me to the point where I forgot to put up a message about our newest approved member. Welcome to the family!

Nov 25 2012

TSCCP 2012

I am typing this at our table inside the Silverdome, where the Tasmanian Special Children’s Christmas Party is underway. Santa has just recently arrived (in style – as a passenger in our landspeeder with a stormtrooper escort!!) and the kids are all lining up for their presents.

The troopers drew a massive crowd and many children (and adults) have been lining up to have their picture taken in our new prop – a cut out of the 501st Legion logo. We have been joined by troopers from Victoria and New South Wales, including our charismatic garrison commander, Amro.

It is truly amazing to see so much generosity extended toward these children – and more than a little tear inducing to see them so happy and enjoying themselves. These kids have all had it real tough, so it is heartwarming to see so many people within our community contribute time, money or products to give these children one extra special day.

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