Honorary Member Induction and Birthday Troop for Shannon Cassidy

LOCATION: Ward 4K Launceston General Hospital Charles St Launceston

DATE: 08-06-2016

TIME: 1500 – 1600

LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Indoors, so the weather was lovely.

TROOPERS: TK6419, IC24059, TI3807, TD21107, TK68811

REPORT: We arrived at 1445 to kit up and went into the ward at 1500, we presented Shannon with a birthday card, Honorary Legionnaire certificate, Challenge Coins and a whole bunch of other memorabilia. Lee was allowed special permission to don the Darth Vader outfit, and looked very spiffy indeed. It was Shannon’s wish to have us there for her birthday and it turned out sadly to be her last.
Shannon was over the moon at our presence and the rest of the ward enjoyed it as well.

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